Rising the Flag Project

Rising the Flag Project – This project is intended to increase awareness about the East African Community in Tanzania and Kenya and how youth can benefit. V4Y organized focus group discussions and an essay competition as part of this project.

Bright Energy Africa (BEA) Project

Bright Energy Africa (BEA) Project – The objective of this project is to improve the living standards of youth and generate income for youth. V4Y provided training to youth on briquette production. This will help youth explore business opportunities through briquette production. Bright Energy Africa (BEA) converts agricultural waste into biomass charcoal fuel and distributes […]

Youth Feed the Nation

  Youth Feed the Nation, trains in agricultural and agri-business practices and then offers soft loans as an opportunity for youth to launch their own businesses.

The Eye Project

The Eye Project – The objective of this project is to support and train youth on entrepreneurship skills, provide technical support, and micro-finance ventures started by youth to reduce unemployment. We are organizing entrepreneurship forums, training, and seminars through our partners. We are yet to receive financing for this project.

Soko Mkononi Project

Soko Mkononi Project – Soko Mkononi means “Market in Hand”. The objective of this project is to develop a marketplace portal to increase market access, investment opportunities, and collaboration for youths in Tanzania. This project is sponsored by GIZ in partnership with the East African Community (EAC).

Jitambue Project

Jitambue Project – Jitambue means “Self-Awareness”. The objective of this project is to create awareness on sexual reproductive health and life skills. V4Y has reached out to more than 20,000 youth since 2012. V4Y has established clubs in schools/colleges and has provided training to these clubs through debate, group discussions, essay competitions, and training workshops.