Vision for Youth (V4Y) is a committed youth-led organization based in Arusha, Northern Tanzania. It is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization found in 2008 and registered in September 21,2011 with Reg. No 00NGO/00004989 operate in Tanzania Mainland with a very sound motto of changing lives for a brighter future.  V4Y gained recommendable experience in raising awareness and creating mass educative campaigns. 

V4Y founded and run locally by Tanzanians to promote and lead approaches that provide sustainable livelihoods to young people by ensuring access and equity to building capacities and hands-on interventions.


Violet Ayoub
Managing Director
Violet Ayoub and ten community leaders founded V4Y in 2008 locally in Arusha.
Wenceslaus Sylvester
Antony Ngwamkay
Eugene John
Lisa Ndossi
Miguel Dias
Ashley Carrol


Alphael Nyaikoba
Director of Finance and Administration
Hendry P. Samky
Director of Program(Health Promotion)
Vedastus D. Sibula
Director of Program(Civic Engagement)


Personal goals [for volunteering at V4Y included being able to keep an open mind, be flexible and to be curious about new situations and people.